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Wheel Alignment

Expert Wheel Alignments

You know that your tyres are vital to the performance of your vehicle, but did you know how important a wheel alignment is? We all need to pay close attention to this specific aspect of car maintenance to ensure safe and efficient driving. Wheel alignment refers to a series of suspension and steering adjustments that keep your wheels positioned at the correct angles. 

We have the industry leading brand Hunter as our choice of machine. It is made in the USA and is top of the line. This gives us the best possible base to give our customers the most accurate wheel alignment possible.

Here is a great video showing the process of a wheel alignment using the industry leading Hunter Alignment Machine:

What issues does a proper wheel alignment address?

  • Poor fuel economy. A vehicle out of alignment uses more fuel because the wheels are positioned in a way that is causing additional friction and increasing drag
  • Inferior handling and poor performance. A correctly aligned vehicle will drive smoothly and the steering inputs will feel precise
  • Excessive tyre wear

Wheel Alignments are an extremely cost-effective procedure in the long run. A proper wheel alignment makes your vehicle more fuel efficient, handle and corner better and ensures your tyres last as long as possible. 

Woollahra Tyre Garage and our Comprehensive Service

Wheel alignment is the process of measuring and adjusting the steering and suspension components on your car to within the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications in order to improve comfort, performance, handling and safety. Essentially, wheel alignment involves adjusting the position of the wheels in relation one another and the road to increase the life of your tyres and your suspension.

  • We make honest recommendations based on the individual conditions of your vehicle and your needs
  • We offer you a detail-oriented, high-quality service

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