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Tyre Puncture Repairs

Tyre punctures are caused by road debris such as nails, screws, glass, rocks, and impacts with potholes and roadside curbs.

Tyre punctures are an issue that should be dealt with swiftly. However, not all punctures require a complete tyre replacement.

Woollahra Tyre's qualified technician can safely repair tyre punctures to get you back on the road faster.

Please leave up to 1 hour to complete the repair.

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Car tyre puncture repairs Q&A

Can you repair a punctured car tyre?

If your tyre has been punctured, you might wonder whether you need to replace it or if you can repair it. Your tyre puncture repair all depends on the severity of the damage. As a general rule of thumb, it is advisable never to fix your tyre when:

  • Punctures are larger than 5mm.
  • Punctures in or circular wear on the tyre's sidewall.
  • The tyre has internal damage such as separation of inner layers or creasing of the interior lining.
  • Cracking of the rubber due to ageing.

Tyre repairs are possible when:

  • It has been punctured by a small object, such as a nail.
  • The puncture is less than 5mm in diameter.
  • The puncture is in a central portion of the tread
  • Your technician has confirmed that your tyre can be repaired safely.

It is best to have all tyre repairs handled by trained professionals. They can ensure that your spare or replacement tyres are inflated to the correct pressure and adhere to Australian Roadworthy Standards.

How much does it cost for a tyre puncture repair?

The overall cost of tyre puncture repair depends on the level of restoration service you require. Our puncture repairs typically cost $60. If needed, costs will be quoted to you with no obligation before we proceed.

How is a punctured tyre repaired?

The function of a puncture repair is crucial to the integrity of your tyres. Firstly, a repairman seals the tyre to ensure that it will hold air. Secondly, we seal the tyre's casing to prevent contaminants or moisture from entering the tyre casing which may lead to tread separation and further damage.

At Woollahra Tyre Garage, we follow the Australian Standard for puncture repairs. This means we remove the tyre from the rim to perform the safest and correct puncture repair. Using this method, the entire damage may be examined and the plug used to repair the hole will properly seal with the tyre casing to ensure airtightness.

Our tyre puncture repairs usually take 45 minutes to complete. Our process involves:

  1. Our technicians will remove the flat tyre from the rim.
  2. We then complete an inspection of the internal components of the tyre.
  3. We assess and repair the puncture before refitting it to the rim, then balance the tyre on the wheel.
  4. The tyre is then fitted to your vehicle and the spare is placed back into storage.

If you require a tyre puncture repair from certified and experienced technicians, don't hesitate to call us on 02 9016 0592.