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Pink Slip E-Safety Checks Sydney

Pink slip inspections are essential to verify that your vehicle is safe and ready for the road. It is a requirement in NSW that all light vehicles are regularly inspected as a condition of registration renewal if they are more than five years old.

If an inspection is required, it will be stated on your registration renewal papers.

*Pink slips are now referred to as e-Safety Checks in Sydney and electronically sent to the RTA.

Woollahra Tyre Garage's car e-safety check inspectors will use the best-performing diagnostic tools to carry out your inspection and issue a certificate on the spot. We can assess everything from:

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Body Rust or damage
  • Lights
  • Oil leaks
  • Seat belts
  • Windscreen

Require a car service and checkup? Book an e-safety check-in Sydney with one of our authorised vehicle inspectors today.

E-Safety Checks Q&A

What is a pink slip for a car?

A pink slip is a general safety check of your vehicle to ensure it is in a roadworthy manner. Pink slips are now referred to as e-safety checks and can be issued to the RMS electronically. They will usually hold the following information:

  • The name of the car's legal owner; if there's a car loan on the vehicle, this should include the lienholder or lender.
  • The car's registered owner is usually the person using the vehicle.
  • The vehicle identification number.
  • The car's make, model, and year of manufacture.
  • The car's licence plate number.
  • The car's purchase price, its weight, and other tax-related information.
  • The car's mileage at the time of sale.

Do you need a pink slip to sell your car?

In NSW, the RTA and Roads and Maritime Services instruct that owners selling vehicles over five years old must supply an e-safety inspection report before selling a car. This applies to cars sold outright or as a trade-in. A copy of a registration certificate, renewal notice, or other registration document signed must be provided by the previous owner. The seller also has to notify the RMS when their car is sold to update the department's records to show the new owner.

If the seller does not inform the RMS of the sale, they may be held responsible for any parking or driving violations that occur and the fines that may apply until the registration transfer has been completed.

Do you need a pink slip to register a car?

In NSW, light vehicles over five years old must be eSafety checked by licensed experts prior to registration with the RTA and RMS. Your registration paperwork will indicate whether or not you need an inspection.

Do all cars need an e-safety check?

Vehicle safety check inspections must be carried out on a range of light vehicles older than five years old. Reports (the pink slip) is issued before registration renewal as directed by the registration renewal certificate.

Woollahra Tyre regularly undertakes e-Safety inspections on light commercial vehicles and cars around the Greater Sydney area. Light vehicles include;

  • passenger cars.
  • motorcycles.
  • goods carrying vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 4.5 tonnes or less with no power-operated brakes.

If your vehicle does not pass its inspection, this isn't a cause for concern. The RMS allows vehicle owners up to fourteen days after e-Safety checks are issued to rectify any problems identified and have the vehicle reinspected. You do not have to pay the total inspection fee again.