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Car tyre fitting & balancing Sydney

About our services

Wheel balancing

For the best performance from your tyres, it is crucial to balance the wheels on your car. Not only is it essential for safety, but it can lead to a more enjoyable ride and minimises long-term tyre wear.

Car Tyre fitting

If you attempt to fit a tyre yourself, you run the risk of vehicle damage and personal injury. Incorrectly mounted tyres cause static and dynamic imbalances that can't be fixed with a simple wheel balancing service. An incorrectly fitted tyre can also burst on the road which could lead to serious traffic accidents.

This is why it is crucial to have new tyres fitted correctly by experienced and certified professionals.

Our technicians will take all the necessary precautions by using only approved fitting tools and lubricants. If you're ready to check your tyre balance or looking for a reliable and certified car tyre fitting in Woollahra, reach out to Woollahra Tyre Garage today to book an appointment.

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Car tyre fitting and Car tyre balancing Q&A

What tyres will fit my car?

To find the best tyre to fit your vehicle, you need to know its correct tyre size. This can be done relatively quickly as all tyres have a size written on the side of the tyre.

Measurements which include:

  • The width of the tyre.
  • The tyre profile.
  • The diameter of the tyre up to the tyre rim.

Can I fit larger tyres into my car?

It is possible to fit larger tyres into your car. However, you need to comply with set guidelines to do this safely.

The wheels' stock diameter and width must be maintained to keep the speedometer and suspension functioning correctly. As a general rule of thumb, it is safe to fit a tyre up to 20 millimetres wider than stock on the original rim.

How will our technicians fit your car tyres?

  1. If your old tyres demonstrate signs of uneven wear, our fitters will assess the axle geometry of your vehicle then make corrections if necessary.
  2. Our technicians will then assess your valves and valve caps.
  3. When mounting your wheel caps and wheel trim rings, our technicians will ensure that there is sufficient clearance for the sidewall of the tyre. We can ensure that the wheel trim rim won't come into contact with your new tyres under any circumstances, especially if you have tyres with rim protection flanges.
  4. We then tighten the wheel nuts using the best equipment and tools, lowering the car to the ground using a hydraulic lift.
  5. Once your car is on the ground, we tighten the wheel nuts more firmly.

If you are looking to fit larger tyres to your vehicle, we suggest doing so by certified technicians in car tyre fitting in Sydney.

How do you balance a car tyre?

Tyre rebalancing is done by qualified technicians. They put the wheel-tyre unit on a balancing machine that takes measurements to pinpoint lighter or heavier areas. Our technicians will make adjustments to account for these weight differences. The best time to balance your tyres is when your tyres are being rotated. This is for your convenience and to amend any tyres out of balance to the vehicle's rear. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. A tyre is mounted on a wheel and then attached to a tyre balancing machine.
  2. The wheel is spun while vibration measurements are taken. This allows our technicians to assess how to spread weight evenly, how much weight to add and where on the wheel to attach it.
  3. If an imbalance is found, our technicians can rebalance and adjust the weights (adding more).