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Need New Tyres? Call us now or just come on in.

Your tyres are an integral part of the way your motor vehicle performs. We adjust your tyres correctly to the specified alignment and pressure settings ensuring the performance and integrity of your vehicle. 


Tyres are Important

Tyre replacement is something that can be a daunting experience. At Woollahra Tyre Garage we understand that each of our customers have varying needs and wants when it comes to changing tyres. We will work through the process with you and make you feel comfortable to make the right choice for your needs. We will go through the following things with you anytime:

  • Inspecting your current set of tyres and letting you know when they need replacing
  • Inspecting your tyres for your specific type of vehicle, driving style and habits
  • Inflating your tyres to the correct vehicle settings for your everyday driving or for a specific road trip you are going on

When you need new tyres we understand you want to deal with someone you can trust. We are professionals who you can trust for your new replacement tyres and advice. Woollahra Tyre Garage is a family owned, independent business that care about our customers safety. Our owner and staff have all worked with established industry authorities such as Continental Tyres, Pirelli Tyres, Mercedes-Benz and Subaru in the past, and we use state of the art equipment and techniques whenever we are installing new tyres for our valued customers.

Related Services Offered by Woollahra Tyre Garage

Some of the related services we offer at Woollahra Tyre Garage include the following:

  • New to Rear technique, recommended by all major tyre companies and vehicle manufacturers; whereby new tyres fitted to the rear of the vehicle and existing tyres moved to the front end (when only replacing two tyres). 
  • Wheels tensioned by hand 
  • Tyre rotation and balancing
  • Spare tyre pressure checked
  • Tyre recommendations based on individual factors like your driving conditions and habits

The additional services we offer ensures that you will receive more than excellent new tyres when you contact us for help. With us, you’ll also benefit from many unseen touches that make your vehicle a pleasure to drive and maintain the integrity of your vehicle.

Tyre replacement can be a tricky process, contact Woollahra Tyre Garage and discuss the matter with one of our team. We’ll help you make the right choice for your needs and make the process as straight forward as possible. We will go through everything you may require, give you recommendations and options and what everything will cost upfront, enabling you to make a smart choice for yourself and your vehicle.